The techno-age has imprisoned us in a world of chaos, financial pressures, divorce, violence, and depression, which has led far too many down the path of self-destruction through drug abuse and even suicide.

It is often impossible to escape, except through sleep, which too often is drug or alcohol induced. We awaken in the morning to the irritating noise of an alarm clock. Then we rush to get to work or school. The phone rings throughout the day and we must deal with angry, sad, or irritable people whose lives are just as chaotic as ours. When it is finally time to return home we must fight traffic to get there thinking that we will finally have a tranquil moment.

Unfortunately, our children then need to be taken to ball practice or dance lessons, or there is sickness to deal with or the arrival of a pile of bills to pay, and groceries to buy and meals to prepare. The television and radio and stereo are all competing with each other creating toxic sound waves which make one want to flee. Our society has become sick because we have become prisoners to the unrelenting pressures of modern life.

Without a few moments of tranquility to recharge our spiritual batteries we are doomed to a life of stress and unhappiness.

Every home, apartment complex, office building, neighborhood, town, and city must set aside special natural areas of escape so that we can experience the healing effects of silence other than the song of a bird, the soothing whisper of the wind as it causes the leaves of a tree to flutter, the delight in watching a lizard bask in the sun, the sight of a butterfly caressing a beautiful flower.

Nature as God created it must be preserved and protected to provide us with the natural healing effects attained from being able to spend a few tranquil moments in the presence of the spirit of God as manifested in the world of nature.

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